LGBT+ History Month

During LGBT+ History Month, I was drawn to once again to read the aims of the civil rights movement which include increasing visibility, raising awareness, making institutions safe spaces and promoting the welfare of LGBT+ people. Though their work has often gone unrecognised in their own lifetime, many LGBT+ people have made extraordinary contributions toContinue reading “LGBT+ History Month”

HMICFRS Inspection Report – 19 February 2021

The HMICFRS report into Cleveland Police published in September 2019 felt like an earthquake for the force; a swift and devastating blow across the whole organisation and our communities. Earthquakes are seldom isolated and sudden events; those that watch closely see that a number of smaller, almost gradual events pre-date the devastating blow that aContinue reading “HMICFRS Inspection Report – 19 February 2021”

Calling all poets, artists, tradespeople and creatives!

Teesside is known across the world for the quality of its products and chief amongst those is our steel. The iron ore mined in our hills has built the world. Our steel and engineers have created structures that include railway stations in Brazil, river crossings in Africa, Lambeth Bridge in London and most famously theContinue reading “Calling all poets, artists, tradespeople and creatives!”

Cleveland Police is recruiting!

The question I’m asked most often by people is: “Why did you join the police?” It’s never been an easy question to answer; not because I don’t know but because it can be difficult to articulate. Joining the police simply felt like the right thing to do. With so many challenges facing society I knewContinue reading “Cleveland Police is recruiting!”

Domestic Abuse: the hidden pandemic

Do you know what Reeva Steenkamp and Lana Clarkson have in common?  I’m sure many of you do but for those of you that don’t, they were both murdered in a domestic setting by famous (now infamous) men. I choose not to repeat the names of the guilty here, it is the victims that weContinue reading “Domestic Abuse: the hidden pandemic”