An Open Letter to our Special Constables and Volunteers

Actions speak louder than words, don’t they? In a year when pulling together meant staying apart, you answered more of a calling than a call for help when you were needed most. As members of the Special Constabulary and Volunteers, you do not get paid for the vital service you deliver which makes what youContinue reading “An Open Letter to our Special Constables and Volunteers”

Deep water and the real signs of change

This week marks two years since I started as the Chief Constable of Cleveland Police and so it feels like an appropriate time to reflect on how far we’ve come. On the 29th April 2019 when I first looked out of the office window in Hemlington, this was the sign I saw: I can smileContinue reading “Deep water and the real signs of change”

Covid Anniversary

This past week has been a national opportunity to reflect on the anniversary of the first ‘lockdown’ and the way our lives have been changed due to covid-19. New phrases have entered the national consciousness; ‘social distancing’, ‘self-isolate’ and ‘anti-vax’ and have largely replaced ‘hug’, ‘meet’ and ‘socialise’. During this timely national reflection, many movingContinue reading “Covid Anniversary”

International Women’s Day 2021

I am delighted to publish this week’s blog just before we celebrate International Women’s Day.   It’s an important event for us here at Cleveland Police, where we celebrate the achievements of women in our great organisation. Across our social media platforms, you will see some of our staff talk about their work, what we doContinue reading “International Women’s Day 2021”